„under a starry sky on a clear night, the hidden power of knowing speaks a language with no name“
Eliot Weinberger

It is Written in the Stars

In all times, on all continents, in all cultures, people see, experience, and feel differently. One thing, however, is common to all: the desire to gaze at the night sky.

But every culture sees its own images in its stars. From these it draws its oral traditions, onto these it projects its environments and stories – of the origin of the world and its human inhabitants, their hunting and harvests, their battles, and passions.

Weltkarte der Kulturen
Weltkarte der Kulturen
Weltkarte der Kulturen

Seen from every point in our world, the night skies are different: each culture sees it from its own vantage point. By clicking into the globes, you will be taken directly to the respective night sky.

The network of stars spanning our world is also a global map of human history in cultural terms – and thus at once the most primordial and the most visible testimony to the connection between art and nature at the core of humankind.


January 2023


The life of the Bororo - and the Brazilian sky

Lecture and discussion with Surabela Fabian and Dr. Stephen M. Fabian